Live Your Life Inspiration Session

Feel less stressed and create more happiness in your life

Connect, Share, Get Inspired

Do you feel you don't live your life up to the fullest? Do you find it hard to do what you want and live YOUR life instead of the life of others? 

Do you want to feel less stressed and create more happiness in your life? If your answer is yes, The 'Live Your Life' Inspiration Session is just for you! 


A 2 hour interactive inspiration session which helps you to live YOUR life in order to create more happiness and less stress in your life AND to reach your fullest potential.


Many people feel stressed, unhappy, having a burn-out, feeling restless or having difficulties finding direction in their lives. Or maybe you ask yourself, is this it?

Most of the time we live on auto-pilot. We do many things, without hardly (consciously) thinking about it. We live the lives we think we should live. But is it really your life? 

Do you often do things you regret? Do you find it hard to do things your really want? Living like that makes you feel stressed & unhappy on both the short & long run

Besides, you don’t use your full potential. So, living your life, creates a life where you can live up to your full potential, create more happiness and feel less stressed.



- People who are on a crossroad in their lives
- People who are stressed or having a burn-out or bore-out
- People who find it hard to say no
- People who tend to please others
- People who have difficulties to do things they really love
- People who want to take action and want to change their life direction
- People who might consider to start to work as a freelancer (part-time or full time)
- People who are often in their head
- People who want to break unhealthy patterns
- People who find it hard to make decisions from their heart 



- It's an interactive session where you get practical tools
- Moments of sharing, exercise, inspiration, chance to network



Wednesday 12 April, 7 P.M. to 9 P.M.



The Hague, 10 minutes from The Hague HS. Exact lwill be sent by e-mail.



20 euro, please pay upfront.



Send an e-mail to for your registration.





About the organizer

Lineke Booster is the owner of Kilau. She is a life coach and is passionate about inspiring and activating people to reach their goals, follow their heart and live their lives. She believes that everyone has it's own talents and path to follow and she want to help people to live up to their full potential.



Any questions? Please send an e-mail to or give me a call +31619919945.